Romantic Mediterranean Recipes to Keep Your Sweetie Happy

Mediterranean cuisine is considered one of the most healthy and balanced cuisines in the world. Due to fresh vegetables and fruits in it, supplemented by a small amount of meat and dairy food, the human body receives all the necessary trace elements, vitamins, and minerals. No wonder the Mediterranean cuisine serves as the basis for so many diets that have already managed to prove their effectiveness.

Features of Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is a kind of general concept. It unites the cuisines of only those countries that are adjacent to the Mediterranean region. Of course, the cuisine of each country surrounding the Mediterranean Sea differs from another in its traditions that have evolved over the centuries. For example, Italian cuisine is different from Spanish or Greek. Nevertheless, all Mediterranean countries have certain similarities and common passions in cooking, which made it possible to talk about Mediterranean cuisine as the sum of the culinary traditions of a vast region.  

What to cook for your loved one

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  1. Hummus

Chickpeas contain vegetable protein, tahini sesame paste – vitamins B and E, and olive oil – polyunsaturated fatty acids. This dish is especially recommended in case of weakened immunity or during the recovery period after an illness, it also has the property of lowering cholesterol. Spices increase appetite and improve digestion, and garlic helps fight high blood pressure. To supplement the dish with carbohydrates, serve pita to it. Hummus is a healthy meal, perfect for a vegetarian diet.

  • Aubergine dip

This is another Mediterranean dish hailing from Lebanon. It is also known as eggplant caviar. The dish is rich in mineral salts and vegetable fiber. Taste is kept while grilling and it also makes the dish easily digestible. Aubergine dip is served as a snack at the beginning of a meal, and can also be a good side dish for other dishes.

  • Tagliatelle salsiccia and chanterelles

This is a traditional dish of the alpine regions of Italy. It belongs to the category of seasonal dishes since you can enjoy the fullness of all its ingredients only a few months of the year. The strong but subtle taste of chanterelles is balanced and, at the same time, contrasts with the soft and rich taste of salsiccia sausages and perfectly combines with homemade tagliatelle pasta, creating a unique game of tastes and textures. 

  • Cacciucco

This is Tuscany traditional soup. The taste and aroma of the dish are filled with Mediterranean fish and shellfish. In this dish, the saturation, nutritiousness, the taste of the sea, and the aroma of the Mediterranean coastal herbs are perfectly balanced. In the original Cacciucco, fish and shellfish are cooked in broth with vegetables and herbs. To preserve the nutritional properties of seafood and mineral salts, you can divide the preparation into two stages: soup and sautéed seafood.

  • Tapas

Here we have traditional Spanish wine appetizer. Tapas can also be served before the main courses. It is an assortment of small portions of various foods and it stimulates appetite. You can eat this appetizer in the form of an assorted variety of dishes: from classic tortilla to octopus with potatoes. Set may include classic spicy Spanish chorizo ​​sausage, goat cheese, baked bell peppers with olives, bruschetta with cantabrico anchovies, potato tortilla with onions, potato and octopus salad and paprika.