Mediterranean Cuisine: What to Cook for Your Loved One

What is the secret of Mediterranean cuisine?

Its recipes have been known for a long time, and it includes culinary traditions of more than 15 countries. But it gained popularity only recently. Greek, Spanish, Turkish, Cypriot, Italian, Moroccan, and Portuguese – these are the cuisines that form the basis of the Mediterranean cuisine. Scientists have recently found that people in the Mediterranean are much less likely to suffer from heart attacks, obesity, diabetes, heart problems, blood vessels, and high pressure. At the same time, it can’t be said that Mediterranean cuisine has strong restrictions.

Features of Mediterranean cuisine

Each of these countries has its own traditional dishes and habits. They are quite different. Therefore, Mediterranean cuisine unites them more according to the territorial principle and the criteria by which the inhabitants of these countries eat.

  1. Lack of fast food. Why do you need frozen foods and a bad snack if you can cook a salad or pasta, quickly fry shrimps or fish and eat properly without harm to health?
  2. Minimal animal fats. For the most part, fish and vegetables predominate in recipes of Mediterranean cuisine. And poultry fillet or red meat is more often cooked than lamb or pork.
  3. A large amount of water. This is a habit, which is also affected by the hot climate of the Mediterranean countries. Also, in Mediterranean cuisine, it is considered the norm to drink 1-2 glasses of good red wine per day. And the lack of water is also made up by tea or homemade lemonade.
  4. The quality of the products used. In these countries, you will never be served stewed meat or frozen fish dishes. This is the main rule of Mediterranean cuisine – to cook only with fresh, good products. In addition, why not if all-year-round fresh vegetables and fruits are available (and even exotic ones)?
  5. The lion’s share of the products is complex carbohydrates. Fresh bread, rolls, pastries, pasta, cereals – these are the main side dishes and main dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine. They saturate the body for a long time and give strength.

Breakfasts from different Mediterranean countries

You can take these breakfast ideas if you dateUkrainian singles and want to surprise them:

  1. Greek breakfasts

A traditional Greek breakfast consists of Greek coffee with cinnamon or black tea with honey and a glass of goat milk with a biscuit. A more hearty breakfast includes foods such as feta cheese, Greek olives, sweet bread, Greek yogurt with honey and fresh fruits. A leisurely breakfast with friends or family can consist of slicing fresh tomatoes and cucumbers seasoned with olive oil, sea salt, and chopped oregano, Greek spinach pie, dried figs, and apricots. In addition to the above products and dishes, the Greeks like to enjoy breakfast with scrambled eggs with tomatoes or eggplant, as well as Greek pastries with cream or tartlets made from egg bread.

  • Italian breakfasts

To prepare a traditional Italian breakfast, make latte, espresso, or cappuccino with milk and cinnamon and serve them with fruit-filled croissants. For a richer meal, warm polenta with golden raisins and toasted chopped almonds with honey and fresh fruits will be good.

  • Spanish breakfast

The Spanish breakfast most often includes coffee in a high mug or orange juice with a freshly baked roll with butter or marmalade, sliced ham, and soft cheese. To make the breakfast tastier, they cook Spanish tortilla (don’t confuse it with Mexican) or make sliced ​​jamon and other meat delicacies accompanied by sweet soft cheeses called bokadillas.