Six d.o.g.s. – The happiest place on earth?

“Six d.o.g.s. is a well-oiled machine. If that sounds factory like, or big business, or even commercial, that’s not a complete misconception. This established multi-space pumps out cocktails and coffee so rapidly and exact, you start to search for the conveyor belt. Perhaps an electric restaurant lift connecting to an underground space where rows of bartenders and baristas battle each other for treats?”

Quote from the last article I did over at The new cocktail list at Six D.o.g.s. is like everything you didn’t know you wished for when you were little; full of happy, popping, sparkly flavors. My favorite was the “Fairy’s Cobweb”. It tastes like the salty strawberry liquorice lollypops I ate as a child.

Read all about my visit and the new menu through the link below, or scroll down for the big picture in pictures.

“The pineapple slice is caramelized (fire show), and then paired with a tiny stick of rose flavored cotton candy. If this doesn’t excite the kids, what will? It’s grownup Disneyland; it’s “the happiest place on earth”.”