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Mezedes are many small dishes that make up a meal, and more importantly, they’re meant to be shared.

The main course:

The Meze Theory kitchen exists in a small white house with blue shutters located on one of those Greek islands that normally don’t feature the white houses with blue shutters, but on the other hand, is home to the best pistachios in the world, great seafood, and mountains overgrown by wild herbs. It has a window. Outside the window is a small pasture which sometimes hosts a horse or two, a football field, and further away, the Saronic sea and the mountains of the mainland. Out of this kitchen comes food that wants to be shared. Food for gatherings and celebrations, and for romantic evenings on the terrace.

The author:

Paulina Björk Kapsalis is the Meze Theory cook and author. She moved to Greece from Sweden when she was nineteen, and has been enjoying mezedes ever since. She is a content writer for lifestyle sites and magazines by day, and puts on her apron and cooks for Meze Theory by… well, later that day. She loves cheese, berries, good cocktails, and food that cooks itself. She is less fond of mocha, food with intestines, and writing about herself in third person.