Red Door – Bringing Japanese Bartending Home

Photo by: Nota Nikolaidi

Looking beyond mezedes, mediterranean comfort food, and anything local for a moment, I wrote this piece about Japanese bar/restaurant Red Door for Why should you care about Japanese bartending and yakiniku happening in Athens, Greece? Because it’s the perfect example of the food and drinks revolution happening in this country right now.

I love living in a place that is changing. The conservative food traditions are breaking through their thick borders and welcoming innovation in every direction. I can feel the gravity of heavy Greek home cooking alongside the pull of fine gastronomy and delicate techniques like the Japanese. It’s there in the menu of every new mezedopoleio in town.

Read about Red Door and Japanese bartending entering Greece though the link below.

Red Door – Bringing Japanese bartending home

Photo by: Nota Nikolaidi
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Photos by: Nota Nikolaidi

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Photos by: Nota Nikolaidi

Photo by: Nota Nikolaidi


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