Cocktails with a Greek Twist

Photo cred: Ioannis Korovesis

special info A beach, a sunset, and a cocktail. To many, this is the image that comes to mind when remembering  time in Greece. If you linger at this memory, the sound of a bartender small talking and making jokes is likely to accompany that picture-perfect scene. To me, the best thing about Athens is the nightlife. While I might be getting too old for the busiest nightclubs – listening to music I don’t actually like and having drinks that don’t actually taste good is in the past for me – I love the diversity of Athens at night, and there are plenty of options for someone like me  to have a great time until the sun comes up.

can i buy generic Lyrica Mezedopoleia with live music, beach bars, and roof-top establishments are some of the options. My favorite thing to do though, is to enjoy really good quality cocktails. And they are so easy to find. 

“Mediterranean Bartending” is a pretty new trend in the world of cocktails, but it is making a huge splash. Bartenders around the world have opened their eyes to traditional Greek ingredients and spirits and are copying the work of bartenders is some of the new hot Athens cocktail bars. I met with some of the best bartenders of some of those bars, and wrote about it for Greece Is

If you missed the magazine, you can read the whole article online here:

Cocktails with a Greek Twist

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